by Rick Pamplin

In Hollywood, motion picture studios use development deals as a way of obtaining literary properties, creating screenplays, shopping them to talent (i.e. movie stars and directors), packaging and presenting a film to be "green lighted" for production.

When I sold film projects to Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros. and  others, those projects were optioned with some money up front against a future larger sale price -- after the picture was packaged, financed and ready for production.

As a screenwriter, I found the Hollywood saying that "Writers create but don't control" to be a near absolute truth and frustrating. I became a director to protect my writing and, later, a producer to ensure that I couldn't be fired as director.

Creative Control

Actors and independent filmmakers eventually realized they could do development deals, too, as a way of keeping creative control. They functioned much like the studios in packaging their projects (often with agency participation) for funding.

Film financing is always difficult for independents and may take years, or even decades, to complete, but a well developed and packaged film project has the best shot at funding and, in turn, gives a solid foundation for a successful film.

A professional development package can save large amounts of time and money for both the filmmaker and potential investors. And the filmmaker maintains creative control, protects their literary property, artistic vision and integrity.

"The Blair Witch Project" Factor

PFC offers filmmakers and clients a chance to assemble a development package with "The Blair Witch Project" consultant who created the innovative business plan and projections for one of the most successful films ever made.

If you're an actor, writer, director or producer who wants to package your movie and find funding we can help -- with some proven, passionate professionals who know how to get your movie packaged, funded, shot and distributed.

Below is a brief overview and outline of the components we recommend and are  essential for a successful Executive Summary. We can assemble one for you.
Executive Summary Outline
Do you want to write a screenplay, shoot a TV show, make a movie?

We have been helping artists and writers realize their dreams for well over three decades, first for 18 years in Hollywood, California, and then for another 20 years as independent award-winning filmmakers and consultants in Florida.

Our company founder, Rick Pamplin, and his LA-based partner have been involved in the development and sales of dozens of motion picture screenplays, treatments and ideas to Hollywood including sales to major motion picture studios.

PFC is a full service motion picture company that develops, produces and markets feature films, television projects and documentaries -- and also offers extensive experience, resources and services to other filmmakers and consulting clients.

We have been involved in the development, production and marketing of numerous independent feature films, including "The Blair Witch Project," best-selling books, award-winning documentaries, highly rated TV specials, series and commercials.
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On Location: Shooting the documentary feature film "What is the Electric Car?" at Phil Foster Park in Riviera Beach, Florida.
Project Synopsis
Summary Independent Film Production & Film Financing  
Business Plan
Projections / Box-office Tables
Motion Picture Screenplay
Motion Picture Budget
Production Funding Agreement
Operating Agreement
Corporation Filing
Bios - Client(s) / Consultants
Creative Consultant Contract (Optional)
Production Services Contract (Optional)
Feature Film Distribution Memorandum
Development from Idea to Finished Film
First-time Producers, Writers, Directors and Actors Welcome
Script Doctoring, Ghostwriting and Rewrites (confidential if requested)
Budgeting including Software, Topsheets, Full Motion Picture Detail Budgets
Business Plans and Projections
Legal information including Copyright, Production and Delivery
Screenwriting Services including Original and Adaptations
Free Initial Consultation In-Person or by Phone
Evaluations for Concepts, Treatments, Books, Plays, Novels and Scripts
State Incentives, Tax Credits and Rebates
Development Funding Package including Executive Summary
Production Funding Package including Executive Summary
"Showbiz Moms and Dads" (Bravo TV Network)
Paramount Pictures (Hollywood, CA)
"GLOW - Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" (TV)
"The O'Reilly Factor" (Fox News)
"Acting 101" (Award-winning DVD)
"The New Jim Bakker Show" (TV)
"National Lampoon's Comedy Night School" (TV)
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS News)
"The Waterboy" (Feature Film)
"Filmmakers Forum" (Group W TV-Los Angeles)
  E! Entertainment Television - American Film Market (AFM)
"Behind the Indie Camera" (Documentary)
  HSN - Home Shopping Network (TV)
"'N Sync 24/7" (Documentary DVD)
"Provoked" (Feature Film)
The Guber-Peters Company (Warner Bros.)
Walt Disney Pictures, Inc. (Burbank, CA)
Warner Bros. Studios (Burbank, CA)
Film Festivals, Theatrical, TV and Cable, Netflix, Video-On-Demand
Delivery of Elements and Distribution Agreements
Hollywood-based Publicity, Press Releases, Press Kits and Screenings
Music Clearances, Rights and Licensing; Original Scores, Needle Drops
Internet and Social Media Marketing, Advertising and Packaging
Post-Production including Editing, Sound and Answer Print
Production including Locations, Crews, Unions, Producing, Directing Unit
Pre-Production including Boards, Shooting Script, Rehearsals
Nicholas Perricone, M.D. (New York Times Best-selling Author)
"Confidential" Client - National Lampoon Theatrical Feature Film
Casting including Agents, Managers and Unions
"Gator Boys" (Animal Planet TV Network)
"What is the Electric Car?" (Documentary Feature Film)